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2020 Facebook Page Copyright Claim Strike Issues Account Disabled How To Solve It -

Facebook is Greatest Social Platform, million of people visit Everyday's Share Article, image, video Anyway Anytime .

Facebook Newly lunch video monetization future, monetize For video under Facebook page, more than 10,000 followers And 30,000 Watch Time ............

But something problem Copyright video and disabled Facebook account .

When you new video uploaded Facebook platform And video under Use Without creative commons licence video footage, Facebook found you have copyright material used Detect Software And You Get Copyright Claim this video, you are first copyright notice your email, but first notice not any problems with your Facebook account, More Then 3 day Facebook page new post block. But Second time you have video under use copyright material footage, you get Same to Same copyright notice your email address, And new post block 3 Day under Facebook platform, 2 time not problem your Facebook account .

But when you 3 time Use video under copyright material footage and upload Facebook page you get copyright claim Strike and notify disabled your Facebook account More Then long time .

So next time not open your Facebook account, When you have login this account Something massage your Facebook account mistake disabled but it is not permanently disabled your account .

When you disabled Facebook account Return, 90% not Chance Re-back your account, but 10% Chance open Facebook account when you from applied, actually not open your Facebook disabled account .

First and Second time when get copyright strike contact copyright owner and removed claim, next time if Any video copyright not problem your Facebook account And you can use video under creative commons licence video footage, Your account is save .

So, not waste your time oldest Facebook account, newly open now any others family member ID new Facebook account.

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