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2020 New Exoplanet find In Universe Habitable Zone Like Aliens Life Planet | Astronomy Space Scifi Antriksh TV

Image Collection By wiki Exoplanet Place

New aliens life habitable like zone exoplanet discovered in space telescope, distance earth to million light years, scientist believe this exoplanet must be aliens life, find this planet .........

1) Proxima Centauri b

Image Collection By wiki Proxima Centauri b

This habitable zone planet Proxima Centauri b orbiting in the red dwarf Proxima Centauri star system, discovered earth to 4.20 light years distance and .........

2) Gliese 667 cc 

Image Collection By wiki Gliese 667 cc
Gliese 667 cc planet orbiting Gliese 667 C and triple star system Gliese 667, find this habitable zone planet for earth to 23.60 light years distance Scorpius constellation but this is ..........

3) Kepler-452b

Image Collection By NASA Kepler-452b

Discovery Kepler-452b planet is Kepler space telescope, this planet is like some earth 2.0 and planet orbiting sun like Kepler-452 star, all most earth to distance 1,402 light years Cygnus constellati ...........

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