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2020 Universe Discovered 4 New Sub-Earth Exoplanets For Reticulum constellation | Astronomy Space Scifi Antriksh TV

Image Collection By Wiki - HD 21749

Astronomers Universe Discovered 4 New Planet. For Earth to Distance 53 Light Years Reticulum constellation star HD 21749, two exoplanets orbiting discovered by the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), 1) HD 21749b this hot sub-Neptune-sized exoplanet, no 2) HD 21749c this sub-Earth like exoplanet. 

Image Collection By NASA Pi Mensae c / b

And earth to 60 light years distance Mensa constellation discovered yellow dwarf star Pi Mensae or HD 39091found orbiting the star planet Pi Mensae b and planet Pi Mensae c .

Image Collection By NASA - LHS 3844

And other exoplanet found LHS 3844 b orbiting the star System LHS 3844, this planet massive as Earth 2.25 times and it has a 700 °C maximum temperature ............

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