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Change Blog Template Custom Language To English Or Any Other World Language For HTML Code -

How to your blog or website free and premium downloaded Template writing post language change and use any other language, it's very simple not remove Template from your website, but something changing your blogger, 2 step your website template language Changes.

* Example something like this image .

A) Blogger Settings

1)  Go to and Sign in.

2) Dashboard top left side drop menu option - click.

3) Next click settings and under Language & Formatting option.

4) Click now and choose your Favourite language.

5) And Save it.

Your Blogger Customize template language is change.

** But If your blogger template language this step is not work, So follow Second Step.

B) HTML Setup

1) Your blogger left site click now Theme option.

2) Something like this Dashboard - Click now Edit HTML option

3) Preview HTML Code And click now.

4) Window use ( Ctrl + F ) button press.

5) Something like this image.

6) Template use this website open now.

7) Copy now template alternate language.

8) Copy this text HTML search box past and enter now.

9) Find this text matching yellow colour preview.

10) Go to Google Translate Site.

11) Paste this language and translate now.

12) translate text copy now.

13) Replace yellow colour preview matching text.

14) When everything changing ok Save now.

** Preview your website it's work, but if you properly change language, so HTML,Java,CSS hard coding changing.
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