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What is Website, What is Domain Name, What is Hosting And How To It's Free Or Premium Use

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Website Is Refers To A Central Location That Contains More Than One Web Page Or Web Site Is A Collection Of Related Network Web Resources, Such As Web Pages, Multimedia Content, Which Are Typically Identified With A Common Domain Name, And Published On At Least One Web Server, Including The Page You're Reading Now.

Examples Domain Name





Domain Is Tow Type, Free Domain And Premium Domain Name Use Your Websites Or Blog. 

Free Domain Name :-

                 A Free Domain Name Basically Without Your Money Cost Website Name, This's Actually Sub Domain For Examples, You Can Not Get Proper Domain Name For Examples Hindisic.comFree Domain Website Good Search Rank This's Temporary Website Only, Life Time Free.

Premium Domain Name :-

                You Can Use Premium Domain Name All Most Buy Cost Your Money And Get Proper Domain Name For Examples  Hindisic.comThis's Not Free Life Time When You Buy Per Year Renewal Price Cost, But Search Rank Is Good.

When You Buy Domain Name Or Use Free Domain Name, Next Preparation For Add Hosting.

What's Web Hosting :-

                          Web Hosting Is Computerizing Server Or Memory File, When You Use Domain Name This Working Only For Web Search Results. But When People Visit Your Website This's Blank Page, Not Preview Text, Image, Video And More Files, So You Can Add Hosting Your Website For Editing Text, Video, Image All Build For A Website Builder Or HTML. Web Hosting Is Tow Type Free Web Hosting And Premium Web Hosting. 

         Free Hosting Without Money To Use But If You Website Highly Professional Editing Website Open Loading Time Long, And When Many People One Time Visit Your Website Page Confused. 

         But If You Buy Premium Web Hosting Plans, So Cost Your Money Per Month or Annual Package, Website Highly Professional Editing, Loading Time Not Long, When One Time Many People Visit Your Website Page Not Confused. Particular Save Your File And Backup,

So, Create Your One Website And Share Idea .

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