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How To Your Website Or Blog Template Footer Created Redirecting Link Change Or Hidden Visible Link -

If you create first time your one website or blog and change your website layout, design, stylish everything, you can download online any other customize website template and setup your website but one thing problem find template owner created footer redacting link, so how to change, hidden or visible this footer redacting link ........

A) Template URL Link 

1) Go to blog dashboard and click them option.

2) Click edit html option.

3) Type Ctrl + F button ( One Time ).

4) See HTML under search box.

5) Type text create by and Enter.

6) Follow yellow colour line mark.

7) See create by template owner URL Link.

8) Copy your any other website link .

9) Template owner URL Link Replace past your other website link and save.

** When any other visitor click this footer URL link, Redirecting your other website.

B) Visible Link

1) Not change your " credit " any data - Exp.

<footer id='credit' > <a href='' <a/>

2) Not Edit or change " credits " any data - Exp.

  <span id='credits'>Template by <a href=' ............. ' </span>

3) If you want to hidden it, put it in the bracket. - Exp.

<span id = credits ....... Text .........
................ URL ...........
..............................Template by ........  Everything ...........

4) Something edit this css. text 

<style type='text/css'>

  #credits {visibility:hidden}


*** Open your website and see Footer Link is Hidden, but it is not removed or delete.

C) Customize Edit Hidden Link

1) Open your website.

2) Go to footer, laptop or computer mouse point right click, view more option.

3) Click inspect option.

4) Show website footer details ( exp. text colour, size, background, margin and etc ).

5) Footer background colour and text colour adjust now .

6) Copy now stylish sub-link (exp. body / .g, body, html, input, .std, h1 / #rcnt ).

7) Past now Them - html edit - under search box and enter.

8) Follow yellow colour line mark and verify this is right/wrong.

9) Replace past adjust colour code and save.

** Open Your website Template Footer Created Redirecting Link and text is Hidden but it is text or Link colour matching Hidden.
What Is Best Suggestion ?

Website Or Blog Template Footer Redirecting Link no effect your website, You can remove this link but copyright may come in future. so let it be, there will be a no problem. 

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