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The String Filed Theory | The Quantum Theory | Theory of Everything Explained Science in Hindi |

Friends, humans, in the early history of yesterday, for many thousands of years, we were entangled in many problems on the earth, then people thought that the earth is our universe, but all the thinking, from the year 1609 People began to disappear from their minds, when Galileo looked at the sky through the Galileo telescope, and said, oh man, this earth of ours is nothing in front of the universe, there are many such things in the universe, this matter, in front of which our earth has no place. No, then what is it like in this universe? To know this in detail, we started the search, which, in the wake of this discovery, today we have gone so deep into the universe, which is researching and understanding even the smallest particle or matter, but Have you ever thought, what is the most microscopic thing that makes up our universe? , the smallest thing in the universe is an atom, but scientists confused this thinking, Quantum Physics in the nineteenth century, through this we came to know that, all the small or subtle things from the atom happen in this universe, but it What is a micro particle, after all, quantum theory What is there in the Theory of Everything and String Theory, which forced scientists to think about the universe.

The Theory of Everything, one of the theories that perplexes deep thinking about the universe, as scientists have understood for many years, is in an auto the smallest particle in the universe, but when viewed in the calculations of quantum physics, So he came to know that not only Atom, there exists a microscopic thing or particle many times smaller than this, nothing can be smaller than this. Which is Electron, Quarks, Neutrino. This is the smallest particle in the universe But the thing is, what is Particle actually, is it some kind of dot, it is not like that at all, this is the vibration of your field, but how this Particle is a vibration, which if you are asked what is gravity, Gravity Geometry Curvature That is, in the Space Time field, where, through a particle called the Graviton, the gravity in the field can influence you, as in a magnet, there are 16 frills in the universe, four of which are nature's fields of gravity. Electromagnetism Strong Nuclear Force and Weak Nuclear Force. Apart from this, there are 12 fields of matter or particle, of which you have to create all this in the world, and the vibration of this field, we call force or particle, as in electron field vibration will become electronic particle, and in neutrino field Vibration will become neutron particle, it is based on quantum theory, which shows it gives 16 different fields, where is generated different micro particles and nature of force, but can it happen, it is 16 different There will be only one field, not a field, basically particles are found in so much variety in the universe, that you will be surprised to be able to make Theory of Everything, or to unite the universe, where these 16 different fields are combined into one. By doing this, how similar the particle and the field of nature will be mathematically, in which there will be some such things, which can change in the form of any particle or force of nature in the universe, but what is the matter in the universe which may be of the same size, yet it is able to understand the particle, and the Force of Nature in its own form. There's only one thing that can be found, and that's the Vibration String, this string like in an artist's guitar, just a tangle of strings, different kinds of physical notes come out, that's all Only because of the vibration, Same such the most subtle things in the universe Vibration String, whose frequency of vibration decides how many times, how many times, that String will appear to us as Particle or what nature, that means like our eyes, A measuring device, which measures the actual images in the brain, and we see this frequency as a particle or nature, because of our millions of years of evolution, if our evolution had happened any other way, then our today We may not see the way we can see, but all the particle or matter still remains the same, like the electron of the particle, the proton extra, and the graviton of nature's gravity forms the proton extra of electromagnetism, which is used in mathematics scientific calculations. , from the blackhole to the depths of the universe Able to do one thing, and is the theory of everything, so you might be thinking that String is not the smallest atom in the universe, but here there is a problem in calling String the smallest thing, which is when we call it mathematical. Let us study, it cannot survive in our 3 dimensional universe, in such a situation the universe can never be stable, these facts will work for it not in 3 or 6 dimensions, but in a universe of 11 dimensions, out of which 10 dimensions are of space. , and the idea of ​​1 diamond time time, basically 3 dimensional, is not new to us, Einstein believed, apart from 3 dimensional space and 1 dimensional time, the universe can exist in many dimensions, but perhaps they are very It will be small, so small which is microscopic, we cannot see it even if we want to, which light will never reach our eyes by reflecting it, but this is the special thing of microscopic dimension, this dimension in some strange kind of structure. are interconnected, overlap together, and this is the structure of the password to unlock the mystery of the universe, such as the turn and twist of a guitar musical instrument, of many different sounds. Turns out, the same way, this small dimension in the geometry of the structure, due to the twist and turn, determines the frequency of the string's vibration, its moments or movements, as you can see.

Basically, there is no creative idea or joke for you, which woke up in the morning to some scientist, our universe will not be like this but something different, and we start experimenting that id, it is not possible at all, In fact science I always develop idea or theory based on observational evidence calculation So you must have understood that, the mathematics calculation of the universe, points to some similar Model or String, it is based on our observation calculation, but a calculation is not completely ready for our theories, for this more evidence is gathered. In order to discover the Extra Dimension in the Large Collider's Hadron, a lot of experiments are going on, the practical collide at the speed of light in the experiment, and from there other types of particles are generated, scientists have developed them. But let's keep an eye on it, just to see, whether the energy of that particle remains constant even after colliding or not, if the energy becomes constant or unstable even in a small amount, then it will be very clear that, it is a small microscopic Object by dimension, now after this proof, before knowing about other evidence, we can know today by studying everything we can see in the whole universe, 20 math's digit or number of the universe, this 20 A few different things from the Number Universe, such as the power of gravity. Electromagnet The Power of the Force, Practical Extra. But this confuses the matter here, when we measure them in the universe, the figures always come in cm, And it's because of the number 20, as the universe persists today, now the number 20 will come in handy in testing string theory, but how, as we go before, the butt or structure of a musical instrument, how to compress a single sound By doing the twist and turn, it produces different musical notes, exactly the same as all strings vibrating in the structure of a microscopic diamond, if one can understand their dimensions, and its total vibration pattern. , that is, to know how much frequency she can vibrate in total, then compare this figure with the 20 numbers we have got. And if these two types of numbers match in that, then string theory will be the biggest proof that string theory is correct, further work is going on on string theory about the universe, which science has always been based on observation, observation and calculation. But the theory develops, that is, the physics calculator will not be as easy in string theory, so it is String Theory, Theory of Everything and Quantum Physics.

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