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Universe is a 3D Projection | Holographic Principle Theory Dimensions of Matrix Universe in

India live Aaj Antriksh TV New Episode क्या ये ब्रम्हांड एक Projection | The Holographic Principle Mathematics Theory Dimensions of Matrix Universe Science Explained in Hindi, क्या हैं होलोग्राफिक यूनिवर्स समझाया, ब्रह्मांड एक 3D होलोग्राफी का सिद्धांत क्या है?, क्या हमारी दुनिया Reality में एक वास्तविकता का भ्रम या मायाजाल, 3D क्या हैं, क्या ब्रह्मांड एक होलोग्राम के रूप में है, होलोग्राफिक यूनिवर्स की खोज कैसे होया, Hologram Projection क्या है, Our universe may be like a hologram.

Science today has a lot of theories trying to uncover the mystery of the universe and our world. Physics is a branch of science along with astronomy and cosmology, that studies the space, universe, cosmos etc. and tries to answer interesting questions for us humans. There is strange principle on which our world seems to be based on and that is the remarkable principle of a hologram. So a World is Hologram Projection Since its discovery by scientist Stephen Hawking,

Holographic theory has attracted much attention for the universe, Unlike Albert Einstein and his theory of General Relativity,

The String filed Theory supports 11 dimensions, Which makes the universe more stable, but Holographic theory is not exactly a difference of 11 dimensions, which gives more than 11 dimensions. According to string theory, it is absolutely true that the universe has 11 dimensions, But you can feel the reality in only 4 dimensions, This Holographic Principle answers many questions about string theory as well as the universe, Especially about explaining dimensions.  Science has come to a level today with the help of some amazing technology where we understand the universe better, But still this is a very strange and strange idea that requires more research, analysis and explanation.

The String filed Theory of Universe

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