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What is the Summer Solstice in Space? What is The Reason For The Longest Day of The Year? Science in Hindi |

Hello friends, it will not be hidden from all of you that the loss is made by adding milliseconds to seconds and then from seconds to minutes-minutes to hour-hours, one day night which is a total of 24 hours, out of which 12 Hours day and 12 hours night in the same way, day and night have passed, then month is year, which is of 364 or 365 days, but in this 364-day process, day and night are not equal or equal time, which is You all know that at the beginning of the year, if the day is long, it means more than 12 hours, then at that time the night is short, less than 12 hours, and then at the end of this year, if the day is short, the night will be long. The process goes on for years, but the thing is, why is it like this, Hello Guys, in this new episode of today, we know when the biggest day of the year and the biggest night, how many hours differ and the whole world with its effect. 

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What would be the view of 1 year means in 364 days the earth rotates 364 times and is able to complete one orbit around the sun, due to the loneliness of the earth rotating the day and There is night which is half part of both in 12 hours on the basis of 24 hours, although it is absolutely right for us, but in the rest of the day, this time of night is not equal, the reason for this is the rotation of the earth and around the sun. On the side of orbiting, which when you see this, the earth is moving away from Surat while doing one time orbit and then the other part is orbiting the sun closer at the opposite time, but why do the planets of the solar system orbit like this? Which is depending on its man activity, based on Barycenter, now what is this Barycenter, many friends have asked this question before but we will soon make a detail video on it in the next episode, like in this situation when the earth is near the sun. If you are closer, then there is more heat at that time and due to the earth being closer at this time , the sunlight reflects for a longer time, due to which there is a long day on the earth and on the other hand the time when the sun orbits the earth from far away. At that time the sunlight does not reflect on the earth for a long time, due to which the day of cold weather is shortened. The night gets bigger, now you must have understood that one aspect of cold and heat, friends, now we know how many hours of the longest day or big night of the year and what is the view of the whole world, the sun and the earth throughout the year This process of is called in scientific language. Latin word solstis means longest day and shortest night solstis means sun and sestaire means to stand still, whose two words combined means solstice when sun is in normal days. It is visible for a longer time than this, it is called the Summer Solstice, it occurs every year from 20 to 22 June, which is the longest day depending on the time , more than 12 hours have elapsed in different countries around the world, the longest in India The day is longer than about 13 hours in Norway and in other regions of the Northern Hemisphere the day lasts until midnight From June 21 to 22, the days begin to shorten and the night will begin to lengthen Around September 21, the night and day are almost the same is equal to time and then on 21st December the night is the longest, the day is the shortest. Nature controls every season on the basis of your time list and your life is affected by tomorrow's loss, with this flow, so friends, if you like this information on the longest day and shortest night, then Comment us.

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