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Why do we all get old? And why are things not immortal in the universe? |

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why are things not immortal in the universe? And Why do we all get old?. we will know why every human being on our earth is old after all? And why are the things of the universe not immortal? Basically we know, the things of this universe are not immortal, it is certain that all will end after a time, no one can change the law of this law, because the babe line of time shows its many mysteries, to this question It is impossible for everyone to understand, why everyone is old, why everything in the universe is not immortal, scientists have been thinking about this for many years, what is the reason for getting old, many experiments, even after many attempts It was not sure but every effort had disappointed the scientist, scientists were thinking they would be able to solve the age mystery with the chromosomes inside the DNA! But after all this did not happen, no one was getting even a single proof! Who could measure the secret of aging, in fact there was no way to measure age, and finally a scientist named Steve Horvath, found the secret of this age, why we humans get old, it was found. While doing other research, where the scientists were looking for the grounded part of DNA inside the DNA, here they were looking at Epigenetic Mark's, these parts that get attached somewhere inside the DNA! And then they fall apart, while scrutinizing this data, Steve noticed here that epigenetics keep changing with age, which is the reason why you get old, it's not over yet! There is more experiment going on on this, which we will get to see the result from the future, if it is possible to measure the secret of the age in the rest, then the world will be based on a new generation, and maybe by experimenting deeply on this method! We will be able to find out why Planet Star Galaxy Cluster and everything in the entire universe are not immortal, to know more, watch the video till the end.

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