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Why does the Sun have a storm? If it collided with the earth! What if Solar Storm About To Hit Earth Tomorrow |

Hello friends, today's fun life, and the universe is decorated with all kinds of lights shining , which is never possible without a star Right, meaning that there will be neither day nor night, neither will the sky shine due to the absence of a star A cluster of stars will be visible, and neither will the light of the moon be seen, that is, due to the absence of light, not only our world, but the whole universe will be DARK, where our eyes will be deceived to see the true form of reality, In fact our eyes will feel like not being there, apart from the star, there will be no life of any kind anywhere in the universe, it does not only spread light in the universe, but also defeats the planet, on which to live. If there is a possibility, we also operate life on it, in whose efforts we are all alive today, for the sun, which makes us understand the difference of day and night, to realize our defeat, high megapixel eyes as a real picture. What we think is everything for us, but is the sun that special for us, what will happen when the sun loses its control? 

Hello Guys today the know What If episodes, what happens if there is a solar Strom earth comes from the sun, and over the movement sail your 1 second, starting friends First, if you like this video, then like and share with friends, because we bring you science and education related interesting facts in every episode.

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to explain what Solar Storm or the storm of the sun really is. First, we have to understand the sun, any star this sun, everyone a power plant, due to the interaction of hydrogen helium in its core , nuclear fusion starts, causing countless energy hits, and released in the form of electric radiation It happens, now this energy or radiation is so much that outside the surface, outer layer of the sun, the flames spread out like the wind, it is called solar flares, thankfully our earth is as close as possible in that range. No, but it doesn't end here, the sun isn't as calm as you see every year, like a volcano Many sparks come out in the sun too, and a spark spreads so fast that not only our earth, but Jupiter can also come under its wrap, it is called Solar Storm or the storm of the suns, it is a little bit of the storm. Don't underestimate it, a single spark can completely change the view of the earth, imagine your 1 second movement, there will be no time left to feel, everything will happen before The End, but the point is this From the dangerous solar wind, how is the earth stable till now, that is, how does the earth save itself, friends, like a mother, you give birth to a child, and take their protection every step forward, so that they grow up to achieve their potential. So, in exactly the same way, the universe when it creates every object, gives them a variety of options , to protect themselves from other things in the universe , which also applies to our earth, the sun To protect itself from this dangerous radiation, it works by the solar storm, the magnetic field of the earth, which has been protecting every moment, from the beginning till now, are you thinking? If yes , then why do we have to be afraid of it, brother, whether Solar Storm comes or whatever comes, it does not mean anything to us, infact we can stay cool, so what is the problem with it, but it is not like that at all, the problem will never come to you. can touch at any time, the good thing is that the Earth's magnetic field transfers the storm coming from the sun, but everything has a limit, when that limit is crossed, suddenly anything happens Can, which you can not even imagine, Infact how it is possible, in the year 1859, according to the information, there was a first Solar Storm on the earth, which had caused havoc, at that time there was not much depend on electricity in the world, like That is today, but still, the greatest effect was seen in these sun storms in telegram, but what was there at that time, and what is there at this time, it is quite different for the world, in today's day except honey electric, no one No modern life, about 80% of the work is done by relying on electric, so think what will happen if tomorrow with Solar Storm, the first satellite present in space is Space station, which is working systematically, will not be in control, due to which debris will be formed on collision with each other, and then the same debris, due to the gravity of the earth, will turn into a ball of fire and fall on the ground, Aircraft drones flying in the sky will fail, even if you have an ATM card , you will not be able to withdraw money from the ATM, any camera CCTV will not work, the battery equipment of the vehicle will not work, the train will not be able to run, construction work Will stop, Electricity security lock will not work in the house, Drinking Water Pump will not work, TV Fan AC Freezes Motors will not work, Google website will not open, because data storage runs on Electric, what you can see in YouTube While watching the video, that error will appear, time pass in laptop mobile will not work to talk about it, power house or power plant will fail, due to electricity not working systemically, maybe By Mistake nuclear bomb explodes , the world will pass in calm and darkness, for the whole world there will be dark, even more extras, but of this With only a small amount of Solar Storm impacting, if it completely engulfed the Earth, the temperature would rise very high, and in an instant everything would burn to ashes, which is why NASA's Parker Solar Probe was launched. , so that he can keep an eye on the defeat reaction of the sun, whenever there is any movement or unusual activity in the sun, it will send us from 3 days ago, the defeat reaction of the sun to the earth, so that we do not do much, still some To the extent, we will have the time to think, and by this we will be able to solve a way to save the world, by overcoming the danger, not just Solar Storm or Asteroid to destroy the earth, there are many such dangerous things in the universe, which can destroy your life. A moment, it will disappear before realizing, how impossible it would be to think that tomorrow if this world - the rest of the world does not exist,

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