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1600 Accidents Can Happen in Space Every Week, Elon Musk Will Be The Reason! |

Friends, from today, 100 years ago, we have been slowly pouring morning on science and technology, there is no such thing in your world, in which science technology is not used, day by day, in the past time tomorrow, We are experimenting, inventing many things, and you are living your life in a wonderful way, all this was possible due to our efforts and thinking, but in today's intelligent world, we are not limited to the earth only. Rather, he is studying space in a mysterious search outside the earth, but will this world remain calm in the same way as today, after all what is going to happen on space that claims more than 1600 dangers every week is being done, and what is the role of Elon Musk in this.

In fact, the day is not far away, every day you come to space, you will get to see fireworks, because a few years from now, there will be so much satellite around the earth, that they will collide with each other and it will move towards this Scrap burning ground. This collision in space can cause a lot of damage to the world, but in this case, if anyone is expected to suffer the most, it is Elon Musk, who is because of the Starlink satellite sent by his company Spacex. , it is avoiding 1600 accidents every week, Hugh Lewis, head of the University of Southampton Astronautics Research Group, told that, of all the accidents that are happening in space at this time, half of them are Elon Musk's company Spacex. Because of the Starling satellite, an accident in space here means 2 satellites colliding, and due to these, the satellites of other satellite operators may also be at risk, Hugh Lewis said in his study that, the Spacex Starlink Satellite is a We pass through a distance of about one kilometer from the other, the same event is happening 1600 times every week, this future Even more so, that Spacex is working on a plan to rapidly increase the number of Starlink satellites, you should know that Starlink wants to spread a network of satellites around the whole earth, through which it can spread around the world. The necklace will provide the Internet to the people, Lewis says, the satellites of space at this time! It is becoming a huge threat to itself and to the satellites of other countries, all these satellites can avoid colliding more than 500 times every week, which is much less than the probability of collision of other satellite groups. Now, Starlink plans to release thousands more Starling satellites into space, which are still circling the Earth in their 1735 satellite space, and if the satellite continues to grow in space, future human missions. It will be difficult to pass through it, there will be a lot of difficulty in traveling to space leaving the Moon, Mars Space Stations and Earth, due to which there can be a big accident and more damage, the situation for the world is continuously deteriorating, let it be one. Will have to control from now or make a satellite that will work in a single server for the defeated countries, this will also reduce the number of satellites and the chances of falling burning scrap on the earth will also be less, basically most satellites will be placed on the earth. are controlled from, if in such a situation its control is lost, then a dangerous situation may arise. It is not as easy to measure the distance of a satellite and the dangers posed by it, in fact you can imagine, it will be exactly like, like hitting one vehicle after another on a highway road or any other way. 2 car collision, which loses speed and balance during this collision, no one understands what to do at the time of accident, later the scattered scraps are cleaned by a collision on the road, but how will it be cleaned in space These Scrap, so looking at all these dangers, do you want life or internet, it's your world! It all depends on you.

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