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2021 Discovery of such a black hole for the first time in the universe! NASA Finds Huge Rings Around a Black Hole |

Friends, out of the many things present in the Universe, Black Hole is one such object, which is quite an interesting topic right for all of us, because by studying it, we can easily solve the mystery of many unresolved space of space, do not know till now we have many of Blackhole. The picture has seen many types of videos, and we get to know new things from the blackhole in everyone, but today we will explain about such a blackhole, which might make you think, which is published by NASA, What is it like in this blackhole, after all, what such secrets are hidden above the dust or dust of the universe, in this picture,

Out of all the objects present in space, blackhole is one of the most interesting subjects of science lovers, it is considered to be one of the most mysteries in our universe, blackhole in Brahman is not only today, astronomers have been searching for it in the universe for many decades, and the days are different. In different research, many new information comes out from this, which whenever we think about it, we see a black sphere, and glows of light around it, basically blackhole an object, which You also swallow the light inside, and there is a glow of the scattered light around it. Radisson, due to the shining light in the blackhole, scientists could easily find it, but in space, the space agency NASA, has discovered 1 such blackhole. , which is quite different from the picture of all blackholes, it was taken with the help of the Chandra X-ray telescope, the most unique thing about this blackhole is, if you look from the hole, you will see a ring on its edge, after all this What are the types of rings actually, basically looking at this picture, you would feel as if it was a cartoon. A picture has been made, but it is not so at all, according to scientists, due to such observations, we have been able to get many information about the dust or dust in our galaxy, this blackhole is located 7800 light years away from the earth, And you are actively pulling the matter towards you from nearby stars, due to which this pulling matter of the blackhole is seen shining in the x-ray, according to NASA on June 5, 2015, the x-ray burst Because of this, this high energy ring was generated in the system, this phenomenon is known as light echoes, in fact it is exactly the same as sound waves or waves hitting a wall, when we talk about light echoes. , it arises only when the x-ray emanating from the black hole collides with the dust present between it and the earth, now what is this dust or dust of the universe, basically we call that dust, which is the most visible. Small, but here the dust of the universe or the dust of the soil on our land is not the same, in fact the dust of the universe is smaller than the goal, which is all of the universe Even the smallest particle, this dust not only tells the astronomers about the activities of the blackhole, but can also study the countless matter particles present between our technical system and the Earth, which is the reason why astronomers call it X-ray binary is said, the picture taken from the Chandra telescope is mixed with the data of the pan-starrs telescope, so now the stars are visible in the rest of the blackhole, and if we talk about the ring of the blackhole, its Formation Due to the collision of dust clouds present in the universe, the X-ray glow is formed by A Rings, which means that the objects we see in the universe through telescopes are not at all what they are, only because of the reflections of light Not from, but due to the interaction of our created technical system and every matter particle of space, we can see the object in a different form, like this picture of blackhole, so we can see some thousands of light years away from the universe. Looking at the object, how can one say so precisely, there I will be something like this, that what we see as it is not in reality, in fact our perspective is deceived, to see and understand every mystery of the universe.

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