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2022 NASA Researching Life in Space! NASA's Dragonfly Mission to Saturn's Moon Titan |

Friends, out of all the planets in our solar system, out of all these planets, only some planets have their own moon or moon, and this moon is the most, the most beautiful planet in our solar system is near Saturn, according to scientists. None of the moons near Saturn are as important, except for one that scientists claim is the habitable zone planet, or the possibility of life here, which is Saturn's moon. Titan, after all, what is there in this Titan, on which NASA recently announced, to investigate by sending the Dragonfly Salt Equipment there.

The world's defeat space agency who researches all the things in space and spends a lot of money in every space mission, but why this, did the money become more so, no, not at all, that's why space research is done So that we can understand the past present future, what has happened, what is going to happen and prepare for it, therefore, imagine if one house is broken in a storm, then you have a backup to live in another house, but Here if we talk about the earth, then we do not have any backup planet to live with except this, not only this, and all the problems saying, then you must have understood why space research is done, now we talk about Titan, Basically Titan is such a planet, which scientists had been eyeing for many years, and NASA had also taken the hypothesis of sending a rover or drone on it 2 years ago, but recently a few days ago NASA announced Titan But the decision to send dragonfly salt to an equipment, after all, why other scientists including NASA are so curious about this Titan, scientists According to Titan can be called Earth's copied planet, the only difference is that instead of Earth's water, you will see only Gemini Methane, which, according to the investigation, is seen in Saturn's Moon Titan Planet, like water rain. If it is the rain of Gemini, then there will be a lake, there will be a sea, there will be a river, there will be liquid water, but all this liquid hydrogen is made up of methane and ethane,

There will be cold weather on its surface, there is a cloud of methane on the sky like the earth, in fact there is enough atmosphere on it just like the earth, it has two organic molecules, nitrogen and methane, so from all these you can imagine if there is methane here Change H2O i.e. water, then it would be Titan, Earth's backup planet, but it is not that it is not possible to have life on Methane, but life can exist in some form, due to which NASA has put equipment called Dragonfly there. Will send, who will study life on Titan, if that life exists in any form, then perhaps we humans will be able to settle life on Titan, and the same will be the Backup Planet for Earth, NASA has launched the first Dragonfly mission in 2,034 Was thinking of giving the general public, but at the moment it is to be seen according to this announcement, except Mars, when this mission is carried out on Titan for the first time.

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