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Around Whom Does The Bubble Universe Revolve? Where is the center of the universe? What is outside the universe? |

Friends, what do you think about space or what you get information, is the rest of the universe controlled like that, perhaps according to our thinking, it is possible to say exactly how much Confusion Right, to understand the universe well and defeat them. To solve the mystery, we made a theory, which is based on calculation, maybe a calculation is accurate for us and some view of the universe is made exactly according to this, but the universe is never based on this theory or calculation , which means the universe never stays stable in one place, here the moment changes for every object every moment, so that all the time no update or no calculation is born, any theory is right forever, anytime like this Cannot be proved, maybe from the point of view of our thinking, the calculation can change for any reason, as we saw in Heliocentric Theory in the Barycenter episode, where we found out that the Moon or Earth is actually the Sun. not rotating around, but revolving around the barycenter Well, maybe from this Barycenter episode, you must have understood that, there is no Adjusting Point for any object in the universe, so if it is so for every object, then what for the whole universe! Will the earth be the center of the universe like the sun, even if it is, where and to whom will the whole universe revolve?.

The universe has neither been fully understood by us till date nor will it ever be possible, it is not enough for our brain to collect accurate information of every object matter here, as we think, the universe is our created theory. It must have worked accordingly, but it is not so at all, Space is actually their own property, so here how each Objects or Matters will control your movement, it depends on them, so on this matter the universe will revolve after all. It is impossible to understand this, but still on the basis of some theory, we can guess, as if to go to the Barycenter concept, the earth revolves not around the center of the sun but its surface center, because of gravity, Which means because of your own gravity near the defeat object of the universe, everyone must be revolving around something or the other, not only the planets of our solar system, In fact the solar system or the sun itself, but how the sun also Is it possible to, as we know, the loss of objects in the universe? It has its own gravity, and everything is interconnected on each other's link, so the Earth, like the rest of the planets, the Sun or the Solar System is also at its access, it is obvious to revolve around anything. The thing, the thing that revolves around our solar system, is Milky Way Galaxy, basically Milky Way, such a spiral galaxy whose diameter is spread over 100000 Light Years, and there are more than 400 billion stars in it, if we talk about Milky Way The position of our Solar System in the Way Galaxy, so it is located about 27 thousand light years away from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, and the Milky Way revolves around the center of the Galaxy at a speed of 225 km / s, but here the Sun The Milky Way does not follow the Keplerian Orbit while orbiting the Galaxy, meaning the Sun does not revolve in the Milky Way as the Earth always revolves around the Sun in a Common Circle of Round, in fact A in its orbit, The bobble movement does, if scientists believe that it happens many times, you can return to orbit, even back and forth. Then we can go further, in this way our Sun or Solar System around the Milky Way Galaxy, would be able to complete one orbit in about 24 to 250 million years, this time is called Galactic Year or Cosmic Year in space science, but as That we knew earlier that, every object of the universe has its own gravity, due to which every object revolves around something, so our solar system is not around this Milky Way Galaxy is moving, but the Milky Way itself, must be revolving around something or the other, but whose cluster it is, now the cluster that this Milky Way Galaxy comes in is the Lineker Supercluster, this Cluster is so big That is, far away from the Earth, the Milky Way Galaxy will not be visible even in the dusty part, but whatever we have talked about, all that object or matter is present inside the universe, and due to something or the other. is spinning, but here the questions get confused, when we talk about the rotation of the universe, the universe must be orbiting around the thing after all, Certainly we do not have any theory or calculation that we can understand it better, Space is actually their own property and this is an unresolved space, here everything that is visible and what is not visible, there is such a thing in it. Many mysteries that are impossible to understand, science says that the universe is made of Dark Matter, but where did this Dark Matter come from, we have no explanation for it, if we want to understand the matter of revolving the universe, then we have to follow Gravity To, because apart from gravity, there will be neither this universe nor anything else, a matter that, in the structure of space including the universe, every object or matter is connected on the negative force of each other, in fact due to the absence of gravity, The universe will never be stable, so if this universe is based on the force of gravity, then from where did gravity come out of the universe, which, as we know, arises when the curvature of objects is formed, which means There will be an object outside the universe from where gravity is not being generated, and a Not a small object! Rather, there will be an object like our universe or even bigger than the universe, science is called Bubble Universe, that is, any other universe like our universe, maybe this universe will be so big, due to the gravity generated from its curvature, our universe It must be revolving around it, like the Earth revolves around the Sun due to gravity, but for the universe there is no such physics to prove it, but if it is seen in the calculation of gravity, then the rest I would be like Possible, which is what gravity makes us realize here, definitely our universe must be revolving around something or the other universe, in fact you can just imagine, what the universe must have revolved around! of another universe or of any other thing.


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