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Why does the Barycenter have no center on universe? What does the Sun revolve around? Barycenter Concept |

Friends, our ancestors in human history, many decades ago, thought that the earth is the center of the whole universe and other things including the sun revolve around the earth, then they did not know what the universe really is, and in front of it the earth At that time, it is obvious for people to think like this, but even today we are making a mistake in understanding it, maybe yes, each of us by studying all kinds of books in school and college. Know that the Sun of the solar system is stable in one place, and all the other planets revolve around it, but the thing to think about here is, as we know from the beginning, if something revolves around someone, So we say that it is revolving around its center, this was said by the astronomers Nicolaus Copernicus in 1543 in his Heliocentric Theory or Sun-centered Theory, here he showed all the planets in the Solar System, orbiting the center of the Sun, like After the same same thing, you also think, but is this theory or calculation wrong in the rest, if it is wrong then! What is right, so today we know what centers actually are? What is Barycenter? And what does the defeat of Space objects or the whole universe revolve around?

Solar system here, the planet Sun, the whole universe, everyone is orbiting something or the other, but the question is about whom, to understand it, we must go, what is the center really, and what is the Barycenter actually, the center ie The center of anything, should an apple hammer force or the earth, the point between each of the 2 cross lines, we say center, but is it wrong, suppose you have a scale to measure this weight, which is Absolutely equal to the center on both sides, but what you give weight in one side, then the other side is not in its equal right, that is, its balance gets disturbed, but if we had removed the center from the scales before, then How the balance was disturbed by giving weight to one side, it should not have happened at all, to make the balance equal on both the sides, we have to bring the center here, so was the calculation of your first center absolutely wrong, In fact, a calculation is not correct, but in fact, centers are not really centers, the center of any thing or object is dependent, its On weight and length, how tall is something and what is its weight, so when we talk about barycenter here, then the center of your middle is wrong, like we talked about earlier, the length of something Even if it is high, its centers change due to weight, for example a hammer, when we take out the center of it, it comes here, but when it is returned, the balance is not in equal, then both sides To keep the balance equal, Center Shift happens here, now this point is called Barycenter, which is changing due to weight or weight, if you understand A Drawing, then we move forward in the world of space, In school college books, we have studied many things about the solar system and the universe, we were coming to know on the basis of Nicolaus Copernicus's Heliocentric Theory, that the Sun is constant at one place in the Solar System, and everything including the Earth has its centers. turn around, but if we bring here Barycenter's formula, then this theory will prove to be wrong in the rest, that means all your thinking will also be wrong, Here every planet is not revolving around the sun center, but is orbiting its barycenter, as you can see here, but after all, how the sun is our closest star, we consider it the center of the solar system. Basically the Sun is such an object made of a Hot Plasma, whose diameter is 1391000 km, its mass is more than 3 lakh times more than the mass of our Earth, if seen, out of the total mass of our solar system, only the Sun. 99.86% of the flesh is present, and it is located about 15,000,000 kilometers from our earth, now we talk about the planets of the Solar System, instead of revolving around the center of the Sun, why do they revolve around the Barycenter, the meaning of Barycenter The point in the middle, where both of those objects have a common center of mass, such that the flesh of our earth is nothing in front of the flesh of the sun, so the circle of round will not only determine the center on the distance, but the distance And the center will depend on the mass, as we understood earlier hammer drawing, meaning its Actual Barycenter, will be around the center of the center, the scientist believes that, the barycenter of the solar system will not be at the same place of the sun at a constant or fixed position, in fact it can be somewhere between the center of the sun and its surface, And everyone in space will have their own separate barycenter for the object, similarly the moon's barycenter is not in the centers of the earth, it is inside its surface, and the earth revolves around the sun's surface barycenter, ie When any objects move around another object, they have no centers of barycenter, depending on where the surface seed or outside of the objects from the centers will be, both on the object's mass and distance, so this thing But in the books we read in childhood, and Nicolaus Copernicus's Heliocentric Theory on the Solar System, this calculation is all wrong.

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