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What If Your Whole Life Tomorrow Actually Lived Inside The Matrix?

20 years later the Matrix is ​​once again asking us to make a final choice whether you will live comfortably in the Matrix or wake up in a new terrifying reality, well brace yourself this computer now controls your life down to the last detail what if your world was a simulation how do we know what is real can you ever trust your senses will you find glitches in the code and if it is a simulation running the program what would it be What if you live in this world in the Matrix You may not be the chosen one, but if you trust your intelligence and your instincts you can beat this omniscient supercomputer, but if you all know that it's made of pixels, So this means that you can play a role in someone else's imitation in this classic film series. characters can be, machines control every aspect of human life ve in digital world where they are trapped imagine being trapped in a video game and you are not even a player my friends simulation theory simulation theory states that The only ever and ever experiences we have are the results of a highly advanced computer program and all your senses and perceptions are nothing more than digital experiences made to simulate real life, what is even more terrifying that some scientists have suggested. That's a 50 percent chance that we're living in a simulation right now but how big a supercomputer would be. To run this artificial universe well we'll just come back to that, you have to find out if this world is real or not. not able to see changes in the natural world that doesn't make sense maybe you can test the speed of light how well you will do it you will need to make another simulation within this one jeez how many layers this world If you noticed that your computer How do light particles move through a terrified world so you can compare those speeds to real life Real life you know may sound extreme but this information can reveal a frightening truth and if this world is fake The original Matrix trilogy is about the people around you leaving the simulation and leading a rebellion against their robotic masters, but the humans inside your simulation may not be real at all. , so if you want to get out of this place you'll need to be friends with the AIs starting a deeper conversation with these fake beings about the nature of reality and getting them to contemplate their consciousness And what does it mean to be real yes making a virtual friend might be your best shot at escape. In this franchise human bodies are kept alive in vats filled with goo, with tubes running down their throats to allow the Matrix to escape. 

If you were in a simulation your body would be in R The Eel World can also be shut down, but if your new friends find a way to transfer your consciousness to a machine, you can start a new life as a robot and now maybe you can see As to who is behind the scenes, some theorize that simulation makers scare criminals and punish those trapped in pain to live their virtual lives, other theorists wonder if the simulation is a game for a teenage alien who is killing time playing the program that drives our lives. If it turns out to be true it doesn't even mean you're a real person, just a figment of someone else's imagination, I think it's really cool running now try to play the sim again but how is it possible an oxford philosopher suggested you need a super computer to run a huge simulated universe the size of a planet every sense memory and scenario one There will be another piece of data going on inside this world within the world and while Neo and his friends s made it out of that simulation n there is always a chance you could wake up inside another simulation that is within this one and go further down the rabbit hole but what if instead of this fake world we made an artificial creature that is beyond our control yes what if we created a super intelligence we did' learned nothing did we do well i guess that's a story for another

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